Orewa Beach Gym is Orewa’s Gym. We have been here for over twenty years and we are continuing to go from strength to strength. We are 100% focused on being a community gym where people of all fitness levels can come to get real results. We’re a team dedicated to offering a world class fitness club service and meeting the needs of our local community.

Our focus is on developing services and programs that will allow you to stay fit and healthy for life, and have fun while you do it. It is our policy to always have staff available to assist with friendly advice and our services are designed to meet the different needs of our clients.

In 2014 we rebranded the Gym to reflect the close relationship we have with Orewa.  We completed extensive renovations and installed the latest equipment so we can continue to be Orewa’s favorite Gym.  Further investment is planned for 2015 and we will be progressively introducing new services and fitness options.


Blake Francis, Instructor / Personal Trainner

Blake’s qualifications include a degree in Sport and Recreation, qualifications in fitness instructing and personal training. Blake has had experience coaching various sports and working with clients of all ages to help them meet their fitness goals. Some of his favourite experiences in the Sport and Recreation industry include playing soccer tournaments in both the gold coast and London, spending a year coaching sports in Thailand and now currently working at Orewa Beach Gym where he can pursue his passion in the weights room by guiding and supporting the gyms members. Interests: Anything to do with the Great Outdoors, healthy lifestyles, positive minds, happy faces. Motivating and inspiring others.

Kallum Bridges, Orewa Beach Gym Owner

Kallum has had a lifelong interest in fitness and physical well-being , particularly in physiology and the science of health and fitness.  Kallum is particularly interested in optimising training to achieve different fitness outcomes and tailoring these to individual needs, including rehabilitation after injury or illness.  He is passionate about the positive effects of exercise and strengthening programs for recovery.  Kallum is a qualified Fitness Instructor. 

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