Personal training:

If you are looking for any of the following:

  • More motivation or confidence in the gym.
  • A tailored plan to help you achieve a short or long term fitness goal.
  • To see results as fast as you can.
  • A way to take the stress out of finding the right workout.
  • Someone to keep you honest in your training.

Look no further. Personal training is a great way to help you on your road towards your fitness goals. Whether it’s a little boost or a long term goal we can help you get there faster.

Personal Trainers: 

Craig Kilham


How can Coach Craig help you?


“I help clients in the midst of their struggles and empower them to Eat, Move, & Be Healthy”


 Perhaps you have thought about exercising and eating healthier, but just can’t seem to make a start despite your best intentions. One of my passions in life is to coach and mentor clients from all walks of life, with guidance, support, motivation and accountability.


The clients I’ve coached over the years bear testimony to the transformation, not only their bodies, but in all aspects of their lives. I offer effective coaching & results that don’t include restrictive diets & endless hours of cardio. I believe you deserve much more than that. I take into account your unique needs and together, we can overcome your roadblocks to success.


If you are ready to take that first step on your journey to become a Healthier, Fitter, more Inspired & motivated version of your former self, then I want to hear from you. Working together with me will be a life-changing, eventful chapter in your journey.  So are you willing to turn the page?


“I was so pleased that I found Craig. He turned my life around. Craig taught me to throw away the scales and I did. I saw changes in my body in the mirror and more importantly in my head. Craig taught me to love and respect myself and I have learned lifelong lessons. Craig also helped my stress and anxiety which was due to work and everyday pressures. He taught me to live in the moment and to relax. I have had such a good, happy, and full of fun, time with Craig. He was 100% committed to me from day 1 and he turned my life around. Thank you Craig Kilham! You are a miracle worker”


Craig Profile Picture